Apr 20, 2014

happy easter

well folks, today will start a series of “catch up” blog posts of images i’ve taken for a non-existent blog. 

yes, that is a gigantic Reese’s peanut butter egg that the Easter bunny found at target. and, Despicable Me, because what says Easter like minions?

next, we have ryan’s and my favorite Easter gummies from Trader Joe’s. they deserve a spot for being so delicious and…squishy.

and finally, a happy Easter from our egg hunting menagerie :) 

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Apr 17, 2014

saw these on another person’s blog, and they are a perfect lift for today :)

thanks for sharing, sallysbakingaddiction.com!

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Apr 17, 2014

weird of the week

kfc for…prom??

well, this corsage from KFC certainly takes the cake:


tried to post an image for you, but i can’t make it happen–maybe copyrights? 


Apr 17, 2014

mini meatloaf night


so, i love to cook. i’ll be sharing many recipes as this blog continues. 

the other night we had mini meatloaves and smashed potatoes with broccoli. delicious and easy. the “hardest” part was boiling up the potatoes in water.

ryan review: “mvpaoseiruoimbpoaiser—is there more?”  it’s a sneaky way to get kids (and men) to eat lots of broccoli—i always add more veg and less potatoes :)

here’s a link for the mash: 



Apr 17, 2014

starting off

hello to the blogging world!

i’d like to introduce myself: i am a freelance violinist from iowa who teaches and gigs in boston. i’ve lived here about three years, and am learning the ropes.

i’m attempting a blog to keep track of my adventures through life, and to show people that i’m not all about work—i also have fun :) please join me!