Aug 28, 2014

Funspot adventures

have you ever been to Funspot in Nh? 

well, it’s a pretty good time. ryan and i went this weekend and discovered a boardwalk with even more games and adventures.

not only is Funspot billed as the largest arcade in world (over 70,000 square feet), but it also has three levels, a bowling alley, and a ton of games where you earn tickets, which is what i like to do.

ryan became OBSESSED with Tapper:

and we laughed at this fun game by Sega that moves around while you play–not as good as Tokyocop (or how Tokyocop seems to work), but still amusing:

i like this photo. we’re on a mission to play as many games as possible:

on the other hand, some of us like to have fun with the creative filters on the new SLR that ryan just bought me. this is Tron in “watercolor”:

we spent the night in a small cottage nearby, played some pirate mini golf, ate at Griddle in the Middle and Donna’s (my favorite), and did some exploring together. it was nice :)

soon we are going to Vegas, and i can’t wait to share those photos!

welcome back to another school year :)