Jul 17, 2014


because i have been literally driving all over New England for the last three weeks (surviving on Starbucks, assorted energy bars, bananas, and sheer will power), i have no new photos to share with you. 

but, i DO have old ones.

random photo #1: 

an awesome Tetris lamp we bought at Pax East. yes, you can rearrange the pieces. yes, the piece goes dark when you remove it from its friends. yes, it is AWESOME. all nerds should have one.


random photo #2: 

the cutest baby apple pie from “pies a la mode” in falmouth. i did a gig there in late april and was pleased to find the pie shop i’d visited before is still there. it’s hard not to buy everything, but i restrained myself.

it was delicious.


and, because i am OCD and have to do things in odd numbers, here is random photo #3:

liz, do you remember these?????


i will hit a new record of 5000 miles put on the car in four weeks. i hope it’s now clear why i haven’t updated recently.

the end.