Jun 3, 2014

schedule update

we are in and out of town this summer, but if you want to join us on June 21 (sat) for a game night, email me!

here are the next several weekends for us:

Cambridge gig


in town



Maine (for me) / PA (for ryan)

a couple weekends in town, or perhaps not (likely to ME or VT again)

CT for a training

Maine to play a concert and my dad’s birthday

in town (yay)

NH weekend

Labor Day weekend (already! i know!)

then it’s back to the ol’ grind.

ryan is discovering how awesome Vermont is, but we are spending a boatload on hotels this summer, so we shall see.

no huge travels for us, but we are going to Vegas in September (no, not eloping), so we’re trying to hang around here.

i’m looking forward to a few days in Portland with my sister, going to the beach, and eating my first “cronut” which has apparently been reserved for me as of this morning :) 

hope your summer plans are moving along!