May 29, 2014

update time!

good morning all :)

it has been an extremely busy month. i’ve been gigging like crazy, teaching,  and generally trying not to go too insane. a friend reminded me that we want to be busy in May, because it means summer may not be as difficult. she is totally right.

last weekend ryan and i went to NYC. i had to take a class for a grant i received, and we decided to spend the weekend in the city.

unfortunately, i was very sick the two days prior, was miserable on the bus, and didn’t  get to see a dear friend at the chocolate and bar we planned to visit.

we did get to visit an old haunt–Russian Vodka Room–with a friend and his girlfriend, as well as spending the day Saturday at the BEST BOOKSTORE EVER:

they had everything a person could ever want, including a cute cafe with Japanese bentos and onigiri!

Saturday continued with a jaunt around Midtown, enjoying the beautiful weather, and meeting a friend at Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown for some soup dumplings and extremely yummy Chinese food. 

ryan got really sick Saturday night with a stomach bug that has continued until today. it was unfortunate, as we didn’t get to do much on our last day in NYC, but we fully intend to go back soon.

this weekend we will be visiting some wedding sites in Vermont on a quick trip Fri-Sun, then it’s back to the grind next week with a gig in Cambridge and my first studio recital in Boston.

the following weekend will be a visit to Portland to see my family, and a friend’s wedding in Chamberlain, ME. 

lots to do, people to see, meals to eat and enjoy. 

hope we have some great weather coming up! miss you all :)