Apr 4, 2015

pax east

well folks, i survived another PAX. i was pretty sick the whole time, but “champed it up” (ryan’s words) because it is the one thing he looks forward to all year. i tried to be a trooper. i think i only complained about the fact that i couldn’t breathe a few times. and carried a kleenex box.

here i am in the waiting line, trying to get in VSO bowings:


the people next to me were curious, but tried not to stare. perhaps it was also the fact that i had a hello kitty backpack, kleenex, breakfast for ryan and me, and a seal dressed as a dinosaur nearby. who knows?


that’s a pretty tame photo of what the lines looked like. it is a madhouse. 


that’s ryan after he cut an enormous line at the Halo 5 demonstration. as we walked by, they were asking for single riders–three times–no one volunteered, so ryan said “here!” and they let him in.

there was a lot of grumbling, but if you can’t grab your b*&^%, is that really our fault?

and now for Balloonicorn (my favorite): 


we know how i am with pink, cute things.

Halo tournament, anyone?


you can’t believe how many hordes of captivated dudes there are at PAX. it is astounding. 

and my favorite line form-er:


of course, ryan has already started getting excited for next year.

until then, happy gaming!

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