Jan 27, 2015

christmas 2014!

we had a really nice xmas this year. ryan and i try to spend thanksgiving with our families and christmas together. so far, it has worked. after we get married, this may not be the case anymore. for now, we have really enjoyed having christmas together.

of course, this pile from Amazon doesn’t hurt:

every year we do a gingerbread village, and i think this year was our best (so i have to share–when it looks like crap, i won’t, haha):

i even made a special one with our names! aren’t i creative?

our friends jeff and john got me this present. i think they know me pretty well (isn’t she cute?): 


christmas morning breakfast this year was panetonne french toast with warm cinnamon maple syrup (made from scratch) and bacon. it was delicious and we’re still working off the calories:

here are the fixings for our christmas dinner–brown sugar glazed ham (a mini ham, which was the perfect size for two people), thinly sliced potatoes with thyme that i baked in a heart tin (daw), and a mini apple pie:

it was delicious and very easy. i may have to do that again next year!

meanwhile, here is our pickle present:

who can resist such a cute ornament? adorbs.

and, finally, christmas carnage:

it was a very nice, very generous christmas. ryan and i are both happy, healthy and well and wish you a terrific 2015 :)

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