Jan 27, 2015

thanksgiving with the fam

thanksgiving has got to be my second favorite holiday after halloween. who can go wrong with food? my family loves it. we always have as many pies as people (or more), carbs galore, and stuffing ourselves :)

the pre-dinner table–isn’t that a beautiful squash my mom brought?

my contribution–chocolate turkeys from whole foods:

table with food (notice we had to take that squash off, to make room?):

and, of course we need some food pics:

my favorites have remained the same for years: pie, stuffing, and “Leah’s fluffy rolls”. apparently i like sweets and carbs. i know what’s good for me :) hope you all enjoyed your holiday with people you love and lots of delicious things to eat. i always feel so lucky this time of year, and 2014 was no exception!

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