Jan 27, 2015

halloween and more fall


oh boy, it’s been a while. we have a snow day in MA, so i am finally having time to update my blog.

fall was a very busy time for us. lots of gigs, lots of teaching, lots of travel. 

however, there is always time for baked pumpkin donuts with maple frosting, and some hot apple cider in apple mugs! yum yum :)

we were able to have a halloween party this year–our annual tradition–and i cooked up a storm. our friends Jeff and John hosted with us, in a “scary asylum” theme. Jeff LOVES Halloween, so we thought it would be fun to host together. 

i want to share some of the fun things i made!

homemade candy corn meringues:

much easier than i thought they would be.

a chocolate-pumpkin bundt cake with chocolate drizzle:

it was delicious and had a cool swirl inside. i may try to do it but with a purple swirl next year.

next, we have pumpkin puffs (thanks Martha):

and “witch’s fingers” which were like funny breadsticks, but gross-looking:

and we have to have savory stuff too–

cheesy beef biscuit “tacos” (more like empanadas), nice and spicy:

a sourdough bread boule with cheese and Italian spices inside that pulls apart (I thought it looked a little like a brain):

mummy dogs!!! so fun and tasty (i had to use organic hot dogs with no nitrites, of course):

antipasti salami bites with tomato, mozzarella and basil:

and, last but definitely not least, a pumpkin barfing guac:


and, i wanted to share some of our decorations (scary ones not included):

thanks to my friend Katherine for my mummy bowl :)

all in all, it was a great party, and i think i did us proud with the food. 

i wish fall could last all year!

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