Oct 18, 2014

fall fun

after the Made in VT VSO tour, i stayed another week to play La Traviata in Middleburg. ryan decided to come up and spend a weekend in VT with me. 

here are some photos of our fun: 

we found a pumpkin patch outside Rutland. i got to pull around our AWD wagon. that thing gets heavy, quickly!

ryan got to have his turn too. this was a real patch, folks. stems somewhat attached, muddy, and everything. 

we also visited two different orchards–one in Mendon, and one in Middleburg. this is a pic from the orchard in Mendon. they had apple-pickers that we did not discover until the end. great fun for me, but hard to use if you’re….well….short.

and, of course i have to have a fall drive photo. Vermont really is gorgeous.

happy fall everyone :)

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