q: how quickly do you think my child will progress?

a: it truly depends on how much practice is done at home. i only see you and your child once a week for about a half hour; the other six days are up to you!


q: have you ever played at any weddings before?

a: yes! i've performed at more than 100 weddings, engagements, rehearsals, cocktail hours, funerals, bar/bat mitzvahs, and receptions starting when i was ten years old. please contact me in the 'contact' section for more information.


q: it seems like a lot of money to pay for a lesson; how do i know it will be worth it?

a: learning to play an instrument is an investment--not just financially, but of time as well. i can guarantee music will lead to many opportunities for your student, as long as everyone is willing to put in the time. i do my absolute best to teach your child with all my energy and focus; it's up to you and them to make the most of it. keep in mind that my personal fees are based on my experience teaching, performing and a lifetime of learning on my own.


q: how long have you played the violin?

a: for 27 years now and counting! i'm getting old.....


q: my child doesn't want to perform because he/she is afraid of "messing up". what do i do?

a: first of all, we shouldn't even talk about "messing up". i will never recommend performing unless i am absolutely sure it will be a positive experience for them. we go through months of preparing, practicing, and going through every detail of the performance before it happens. second, it's important for children to recognize that mistakes will happen, and that life goes on. this is a very important lesson--not just for music, but for everyday life in general.


q: do you do any intro lessons for free?

a: no, i do not. i'm more than happy to give a trial lesson for a flat fee and then include that as a first lesson if you decide to pursue private lessons with me. however, please keep in mind that music--performing and teaching--is my livelihood. i don't know many professionals that would see you "for free"; you'd have to make an appointment and compensate in some way.


q: you look so young! (this is often said to me, but with no question as follow-up)

a: i've learned over the years that my size often helps me connect more with the kids, believe it or not. i think they like that i'm around their size and it leads to some fun jokes in group class :)